This was formerly known as just the Broadmarsh, the centre was originally built on poor ground on the outskirts of the city. When the Broadmarsh was first opened in 1972 it was first going to be called the Arndale centre, as it was linked with the Arndale car park, and was voted 'the ugliest building in Nottingham'. The centre then went through more refurbishment in 1988 and was named the Broadmarsh centre.

However in April 2007 plans for a new centre set into place and the redevelopment has improved the centre massively and is now known as the Westfield Broadmarsh Centre. The new shopping centre has 3 floors that hold 400 different shops, from high street store like New Look, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins to department stores like; Marks and Spencer, BHS and John Lewis. The centre also has its own car park and a bus station. As well as this there are a number restaurant s, cafe shops, a food court and some fantastic views of Nottingham city.

As well as having an inside shopping centre there is also an outside shopping area and a market area. The centre is also going through further development to make it even better; the plans are to enhance the centre even more to make it bigger and better to get more retailers into the city. Some of the new retailers that are heading to the city are; Bargain Hunters cosmetics a range of designer make-up at a cheaper price, Glance; a clothes store, Cafe Coco Tang; this is a fabulous Parisian cafe, you will walk into the traditional Parisian palace and feel a millions miles away whilst you relax with a coffee and a cup cake and watch Nottingham life go by!

The Broadmarsh is also great for kids as they have a number of elements to keep them entertained whilst you shop! Some of the things they have to offer are; Playworld; this is a free interactive soft play area that is on the bottom floor of the shopping centre, this is a great place to take a break from shop as whilst they play you can take a rest with a coffee and a cake. They also offer very popular Kiddy cars; these cars are loved by all kids and they are loved by parents like because they allow you to not have to worry about your little ones running off and even better they are free! All you need to do it pop to customer relations with a form of identification i.e driving licence and you are, and you can take them anywhere in the city centre!

As well as that they have their own Westfield kids club which allows your young ones to get involved with a number of events as well as getting special offers. They also offer a wristband service where you get a wristband with your number of it and put it on your young ones, just in case they wonder off!